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List of services provided by InFiNiX Webs Designs

Encrypt Files 1MB or less(FREE)

Javascript Encrypted File Services

Here is a tool that you can use to encrypt files and send to another person for security. You choose the encrypted/decrypted password. The files are not uploaded to the server for security purposes. Click Here to Use

MySQL Remote Database Test(FREE)

HTML Based Tool for test purposes of MySQL

This is only for remote testing purposes to make sure that your version of MySQL is availabe for remote applications. Abuse is not allowed. Click Here to Use

Custom Website Creations

Creating websites in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript

Designing the right website for your needs is an important step in the beginning of your business. Doing it correct the first time will help.

**NEW AntiSQL Features with 3 strike bruteforce attempt block.

Network and IT Services

Computer Maintenance, Hardware replacement, Upgrades.

Keeping your computers up to date and making sure your network is secure is a challenge for most businesses these days.

Computer Recycling

Secure Data Destruction, Disposal Services, Repurposing Computers

Sometimes it is better to recycle old hardware versus simply disposing of it in the garbage.

Data Destruction

Destruction of private information on recycled computers.

Here at InFiNiX Webs Designs, we understand the need to keep your information private when it comes to recycling your old hardware.

Tantra Online Anticheat System

Anticheat Originally Designed for Tantra Servers

Server/Client Side Anticheat for lease. Prices starting at $40/month per server. Can be used for other game clients as well. More Information Here


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