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A little about us.

Way too often consumers struggle to find simple help or repair and often give up and become discouraged. We, here at InFiNiX, thrive for better customer service and treat the customer with dignity and respect. Our services are always a reasonable price.

Developing your own website can be confusing and often times a struggle if you have no idea what you are doing. With us, there is no need to worry. Let us do the work for you while you enjoy the benefits.

When it comes to your personal information on an outdated computer system, isn't it important that nobody else gets your information? We feel this is a common misconception when it is time to upgrade your current computer. Throwing it away doesn't guarantee the data is destroyed or that nobody will be able to get your information. Let us take the worry away from you.

Networking your home or a business is often time expensive and frustrating. There is dead spots, electrical interference and security risks by setting up your own network. We will gladly do it for you.

Are you tired of repetitive tasks on your computer? Are you worried about the little ones destroying your hard work? Or do you simply want some help in everyday tasks? Let us help to develop an application based on your needs. We offer free software and paid versions with more features.

Got a virus or malware? Are you worried about losing information? Is your computer getting slower? Let us check it out with free diagnostics. There is always an answer at a reasonable price. And if we can't fix it, then we will recommend someone that can help you.


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